Saturday, 2 July 2011


Employers often think it's difficult to get rid of an employee.  Recent observations make me think the employer looks at these choices: 
  • can I cope without this employee
  • do I want to be nice
  • do I like the employee as a person
  • how much more trouble/ hassle will the employee cause if he/ she stays
  • have I got the time to go through such a laborious process
  • how much will it cost
Just as you should invest time, effort and finances in recruiting the right person, so should you take the same efforts to terminate someone's employment.  And if you want to be perceived as being nice, and you like the person who's been working for you, then give them the respect and dignity to plan in good time and to communicate well the reason for the departure.  That must be sound business surely. And because it becomes purely a business decision that has to drive the decision, a clearly reasoned explanation backed up with facts will stand the 'fair and reasonable test'.  Sometimes, it is not a decision you have to make in isolation - involve the supervisor/ middle manager/ other stakeholder.  Involve me- or an objective A N Other.  And for goodness' sake, let's not forget the employee - the win, win situation is when the employee agrees it's time to part company.  As with all life, planning is key, communication is key; then it doesn't have to be all that difficult to get rid.