Saturday, 14 May 2011

Work ethics

Having a lovely quiet moment of reflection, after a night out at a 40th (no haven't got the shades on and I'm not dehydrated!).  I spoke to one of my best buddies at the party last night and we both agreed that we had a lot to be grateful for in our lives.  As usual I can never really separate life from work and it led me to think about being grateful for the people I work with.  I have listened to  a manager agonise whether he could really devote sufficient time to a work placement student to give the student a true learning experience.  My chap didn't want to just stick the student in a corner and give him lots of photocopying.  I also listened to a Director taking up the cudgels for a temp he just took on, who in his view hadn't been treated right.  Then there was the manager who took ownership for not dealing with a minor infringement at the right time- the moment had passed, and it would be OTT to invoke a full on disciplinary procedure.  Then there was the employee who agreed to work beyond his notice period in order not to leave his employer in the lurch.  The employer can now plan a timely handover.  Isn't it grand that people have such values, such a sense of what's right and wrong?  Isn't it a privilege to come across such people and to work with them?