Monday, 7 February 2011


In my last blog, I asked for help to get me into the discipline of writing my own blogs regularly.  Now, about a week after, I'm frantically trying to recall a superb topic that I was going to blog about, since then - but it's gone. The discipline wasn't there to blog about it immediately!!  It occurs to me, if bosses and employees got into the habit and discipline of saying the things that are uppermost in the mind at the time - be it praise or a slight grumble, things wouldn't get forgotten or blown out of proportion so much , wouldn't it?  Storing it up is just no good: one, you forget what you originally were going to say or what you actually felt at the time; two, it becomes old hat and irrelevant, and the context is gone(think about the times people say, "well... it was funny at the time") ; and three, you turn into a procastinator.  The sin that loves me most- it doesn't know the meaning of unrequited love!

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