Wednesday, 22 December 2010

End of year round up

Well, here's me again, reviving a belief that blogging has benefits.  Prove me right people, and subscribe- give me an incentive to get blogging juices running. 
In the meantime, let's get prepared for 2011 with a review of the year so far.  Personally it's been a fun year - always new people to meet and get to know.  Good to welcome new clients on board and expand the network.  Employment law wise- the new government is forging ahead with new and old stuff.  Not all of the Equality Act came into force, but essentially employers have now got to get to grips with new terminology- 'protected characteristics' and be more aware of discrimination by association and by perception.  Those who want a training session on this should get in touch!
Another 'new' development is the consultation on the abolition of the default retirement age.  In all likelihood, after October 2011, employers will not be able to retire employees at 65 (or any other age), without objective justification.  Old stuff?  Well, the maximum week's rate for redundancy pay didn't change in February 2010.  It will however go up to £400 in February 2011.  And the government couldn't change anything about the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 as planned , so it will come into effect in October 2011. 
Plenty more things to keep track of in 2011.  But that's more fodder for future blogs isn't it?  For now, enjoy the festive season, and best wishes to all for the New Year!