Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I spoke about having a 'personal relationships at work' policy for the Valentine 's day theme at my BNI group. Love at work brings with it difficulties- not just between the two proponents in the relationship but for the surrounding people. How do they react when the lurve is just so OTT, or what about when one's in the doghouse and silent treatment abounds? Can even the most experienced managers take in their stride if they have to deal with the morphed cooing lovebirds or when they have to split warring factions? That's what's fun about my line of work. People cannot work in a vacuum- discussion about love lives will take place- even at work. Take heed tho'- the latest case about harassment comes about after an employee and her boss talk about plans for getting married, arranged or forced, in India or home here in England. The boss' parting words - "We'll probably bump into each other again unless you are married off in India" has costs the company £1000 in compensation for injury to feelings. So- to love and to have lost...?