Thursday, 4 September 2008


I heard on the morning news today a business woman billed as a 'high-flier' saying categorically that you can't have work life balance. "Choose what your focus" is she said. "HURRAH" I say. Yes, we have flexible working laws, and yes, employers should enter the 21st century to be more flexible in their approach about getting the outcomes they want from women workers - using innovative working ways as the means. But you know- women still beat themselves up about trying to get this work-life balance thing. " Once a woman makes up her mind that it's not quite achievable, somehow the stresses disappear" this wise woman said. Sorry- can't remember her name. Sooo resonates with me. I know I can't be there all the time for my children and bring home the bacon (turkey of course, being Muslim!) at the same time. But, ladies, choose when and what responsibilities you want to take on and pass on!


  1. I think that it rather depends on what you mean by 'work life balance'. It tends to be taken to mean having all of everything - a successful working life, family life, social life, sports, hobbies...rather than a balance between them that suits you. In reality, it's a compromise for everyone. You have a work life balance if you can devote what time and energy and other resources you have to those things in the proportions that you want. The balance will be different for everyone, and will change with time and circumstances. What it won't be for anyone is 100% of everything.

    David Wilde

  2. I completely agree with Lin and David. As an HR professional, I try to practice what I preach by balancing work, home and social life. In reality this can be as difficult or as easy as we want to make it - after all, aren't we masters of our own time? At times, however, it's inevitable that something has to give and unfortunately, it's often work that wins.

    Julia Chisholm

  3. I refer to a "life work balance". Having bought up 2 sons alone, operated a brokerage, managed a property portfolio in the UK and italy and studied law, my recent years have been dominated by work, management of work, delegation and of course family - I have set out a personal goal to attain my "higher place" - this is to acheive a "life work balance". 2008has been about taking action to acheive that. The most significant experience that railroaded me into taking action was when a member of my female staff was diagnosed cancer.Suddenly things seemed crystal clear, i was able to pinpoint aspects of my professional life that required radical shifts in equilibrium to create balance. I have spent 2008 investing, setting up the mechanisms with which to evolve, create and to delegate. I remain wholly committed to my businesses, I see the "higher place" I visualise this and low and behold, I can almost, just almost feel the tips of my fingers possibly connecting, ready to hook into that place, ready to pull and draw all the energies of my various investments (time, energy, money, nurturing, development)to reaching that goal. I am no master of the work life balance but I have created my own "toolbox" in keeping with my interpretation. I recommend to any "work life balancing" bloggers - visualise you interpretation and where you want to be with the balance, break it down; if your hungry for it, make it your "higher place" - and set up your own tool box today. And no - you will not managed 100% of everything - just what is right for you and your family and those in your life who need your quality time.