Friday, 8 August 2008

Blog policy?

Well, I have been on a blogging course. I think I understand how it can be different to a newsletter, errr... There was a warning about not letting blogs take over if you are lucky enough to have loads of subscribers and lots of comments posted by them in response to one of your blogs. I can perfectly empathise with that. It is bad enough with emails and links from those. And what's more, I have also joined facebook. Well, just when do you find time to work? And now I ask all my clients when reviewing their telecommunications policy - will you allow facebook, blogging, purchases from ebay/amazon and the like? And when to allow it? Throughout the day? Lunchtimes only? Does your policy remind employees about their obligations not to be discriminatory and defamatory? Personalise your blog, this workshop said- and therein lies the temptation for the "I'll get my ha'pen's worth" employee.
So- have fun blogging, but with care!