Thursday, 28 February 2008

Mentoring Coaching and all that

My third blog- I'm flying!! But I haven't yet resolved how to actually link this blog to my website. I need an IT coach.

The employment world is being inundated with coaching. I read an article about maternity coaching- which is quite an idea I'm sold on. Coaching sessions for the pregnant member of staff in the lead up to maternity leave. Quite a valid assumption really to think that your member of staff would need coaching on how not to fret about the ole job while coping with the 4 day blues and terry towel nappies (o yes we are green). And then yet more coaching during (that's 1 day out of the 10 keep-in touch- days) and then more coaching on the employee's return to work, wondering whether that temp was miles better at the job than she was! It really shouldn't be too difficult to set up these coaching sessions- a sympathetic ear, some target setting and some girl power motivation: the result will be a more confident employee who will think she can do the work life balance thing- poor sod!

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