Friday, 22 February 2008

Blogging- a new marketing concept

After attending a workshop run by East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, I decided I have to enter the 21st Century and create a blog. A whole new marketing concept and not just a social thing anymore, blogging apparently does help to increase business. So here I go!!

The training as a lawyer is hard to ditch. A bit of research- Wikipedia is good enough, and apparently blogging has loads of employment consequences. Tales of people getting sacked because of bad mouthing their employers in their blogs. Oooer. Debates about freedom of speech and defamation- more oooer!! Not something to embark on so lightly then. BUT- apparently blogging can be good for attracting new recruits too. And you know, if you have a client who advertises their products on youtube, how can you not join in and keep up in the ICT world.

So - here's my first posting!

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