Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Quitter

I was at an event about entrepreneurial spirit this evening. Derek Mapp who owned and sold the Tom Cobleigh chain and Leapfrog Day Nurseries for millions said he would rather employ someone who had failed, but tried, rather than a quitter that had not tried at all to make a go of things. It makes me wonder what sort of employer would tolerate the triers, and for just how many times before the employer decides- he or she has failed, and must quit (either he/she does it him/herself or I'll do it! thinks the employer). Would the entrepreneurial employer be more tolerant? You wouldn't think so if Alan Sugar is anything to go by, would you?
Yet our employment legal system says you have to let people try. You can't dismiss someone for their incapability without going through a process of giving them warnings and second or third chances, with some goal setting. Wouldn't this be more frustrating for the entrepreneurial employer who wants to cut through the thrust of red tape and get to the tinkling sound of "kerrchinnng". Or is there secret admiration for the employee with the guts to stick at it, and ultimate satisfaction when someone has 'cracked' it?
I think it's part of my job to suss out the employer before I can advise on the strategy to deal with the trier or the quitter- but are you the Derek Mapp entrepreneur or are you the Alan Sugar entrepreneur??!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


I heard on the morning news today a business woman billed as a 'high-flier' saying categorically that you can't have work life balance. "Choose what your focus" is she said. "HURRAH" I say. Yes, we have flexible working laws, and yes, employers should enter the 21st century to be more flexible in their approach about getting the outcomes they want from women workers - using innovative working ways as the means. But you know- women still beat themselves up about trying to get this work-life balance thing. " Once a woman makes up her mind that it's not quite achievable, somehow the stresses disappear" this wise woman said. Sorry- can't remember her name. Sooo resonates with me. I know I can't be there all the time for my children and bring home the bacon (turkey of course, being Muslim!) at the same time. But, ladies, choose when and what responsibilities you want to take on and pass on!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Blog policy?

Well, I have been on a blogging course. I think I understand how it can be different to a newsletter, errr... There was a warning about not letting blogs take over if you are lucky enough to have loads of subscribers and lots of comments posted by them in response to one of your blogs. I can perfectly empathise with that. It is bad enough with emails and links from those. And what's more, I have also joined facebook. Well, just when do you find time to work? And now I ask all my clients when reviewing their telecommunications policy - will you allow facebook, blogging, purchases from ebay/amazon and the like? And when to allow it? Throughout the day? Lunchtimes only? Does your policy remind employees about their obligations not to be discriminatory and defamatory? Personalise your blog, this workshop said- and therein lies the temptation for the "I'll get my ha'pen's worth" employee.
So- have fun blogging, but with care!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

le bump

I was at my daughter's football match this last weekend and realised one of the other mums was expecting, with about 8 weeks left before D-day (after an eleven year gap! Brave woman!) She unfortunately misses the 1st October dedaline- which is when the new maternity regs applies- to babies born after 1st October. If she'd timed it better her job would have been more secure- the employer has to hold it open because all contractual rights are preserved, except for renumeration. This means she would have accrued all holidays too- not just the working time regs ones. Alas, time management and baby accidents don't go hand in hand!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Mentoring Coaching and all that

My third blog- I'm flying!! But I haven't yet resolved how to actually link this blog to my website. I need an IT coach.

The employment world is being inundated with coaching. I read an article about maternity coaching- which is quite an idea I'm sold on. Coaching sessions for the pregnant member of staff in the lead up to maternity leave. Quite a valid assumption really to think that your member of staff would need coaching on how not to fret about the ole job while coping with the 4 day blues and terry towel nappies (o yes we are green). And then yet more coaching during (that's 1 day out of the 10 keep-in touch- days) and then more coaching on the employee's return to work, wondering whether that temp was miles better at the job than she was! It really shouldn't be too difficult to set up these coaching sessions- a sympathetic ear, some target setting and some girl power motivation: the result will be a more confident employee who will think she can do the work life balance thing- poor sod!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Aah the joys of networking. I was at the Broxtowe Borough Council GRO event, and I have met a Business Link Adviser. He will hopefully do me a diagnostic so I can apply for my IT grant. Oh to be networked in the IT sense!

Isn't diagnostics a big word. Today I cast my eye over a letter to a doctor asking him for a prognosis on a lady who has been signed off for yet another long spell. Diagnostics- prognosis - what is it with lawyers, doctors and Business Link advisers??! We do so want to appear normal, but I lurve these terms. How else to convince a client? The doctor says the prognosis is not good. So grit your teeth and do the adjustment or grasp the nettle and let me draft that termination letter! Oh now you have a vacancy- you know I just happen to know a recruitment agent... aah the joys of networking!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Blogging- a new marketing concept

After attending a workshop run by East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, I decided I have to enter the 21st Century and create a blog. A whole new marketing concept and not just a social thing anymore, blogging apparently does help to increase business. So here I go!!

The training as a lawyer is hard to ditch. A bit of research- Wikipedia is good enough, and apparently blogging has loads of employment consequences. Tales of people getting sacked because of bad mouthing their employers in their blogs. Oooer. Debates about freedom of speech and defamation- more oooer!! Not something to embark on so lightly then. BUT- apparently blogging can be good for attracting new recruits too. And you know, if you have a client who advertises their products on youtube, how can you not join in and keep up in the ICT world.

So - here's my first posting!